H-Tea-O Tea Salons are everything we love about tea: relaxing, refreshing and ever-so delicious. There you can find the extensive H-Tea-O tea selection perfectly complimenting the Tea Salon menu. For those in a hurry, “Tea-to-Go at H-Tea-O” is our unique take-away tea concept with reusable tea mugs and not a teabag in sight.

Where Have We Gone?
There were a total of four H-Tea-O shops operating in Hong Kong and China from 2004-2011. Unfortunately ever increasing rents meant that continued operation wasn’t possible. But we are still here and are now one of the leading tea suppliers to 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants.

Can I Still Get H-Tea-O Teas?
Many of our former customers continue to ask for their favourite teas from our selection. In fact you can find many of our teas being served at the top restaurants in Hong Kong. Of course it is much cheaper to buy direct from us. Just send us an email and we will send you the full catalogue and prices. In no time you can be sipping wonderful H-Tea-O teas again. To order send an email to:

I Want To Set Up a Tea Shop, Can You Help?
Whether you just want to buy some tea for your new café or do the whole thing and set up an H-Tea-O Tea Salon, we are always ready to help with advice, products and even a franchise package.

If a franchise is your thing, you should check out our .
For more information, just send Tony an email and expect to get loads of free advice.

Anything Else
If you need to know anything else, whether about H-Tea-O, tea appreciation or just what we are up to, we would love to hear from you.

Contact Tony or Candy at:
H-Tea-O Tea Salons
Tel: +852 2858 8973
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